Posted by: rustymccain | April 29, 2011

Well it all started….

A long time ago. Ray Ashworth and I both had signed scholarships to play basketball at David Lipscomb College. We became instant friends and have maintained that friendship over almost 40 years. We have had many adventures together. The ones we had in college were perhaps fun, but not the most noble and are best left to history rather than a blog. But we have travelled the world together, run together, ridden thousands and thousands of miles together. We have talked often at times and at times have spent months without communication. But we have always been friends through it all. And, I don’t recall a cross word between us….ever.

We have always talked about one adventure we would like to do. Ride our bicycles from Sea to Shining Sea…the Pacific to the Atlantic. For most of our lives, that was sort of a pipe dream. Then one day about a year and a half ago, Ray called. He asked if I still had the Trans-America on my list of things to do. I said yes, I would like to do it as soon as I retire. He said, “Don’t wait, let’s do it next summer.” I thought for about 1.23 seconds and said “I’m in!” This answer has historically gotten us in a few pickles. This will likely be no different. To those who may read about it, I hope that you will get some humor, some pretty pictures to look at, and maybe a little inspiration to go out and do something you have always dreamed of.

We may not make it to our goal. The body is a frail thing. But we will try. And I know Ray…he won’t give up easily and won’t allow me to. If you are interested, there will be more to follow. Wish us well!Early Season Training on the Trace


  1. Well said. I need to mention that our original plan was to pull trailers and camp. We tried that out last weekend and learned some valuable lessons. Pack low, don’t laugh at your partner repacking lest you fall over, rain fly on the outside, and use motels. Anybody want to buy a slightly used trailer??

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