Posted by: rustymccain | May 28, 2011

In Case You Call This Week….

If you decide to call me this week and I don’t answer, I am on the home stretch to the Home at Panic Valley. And I take it back!! I am skeered!

We are now down to one week before take-off. Next Saturday, I do the Mach Tenn Triathlon in Tullahoma and then we drive to the airport and fly to California. I am not really in shape for a tri at this point. I can’t run very well because a foot injury. My swim training for the year has consisted of walking by the pool a couple of times. But, if I am not mistaken, this is the 29th year of the Mach Tenn and I have done 28 of them. You guessed it, I missed one year to go do a ½ Ironman in Hawaii with Ray. So, I want to keep my current streak alive.

It’s hard to believe it is here. You try to plan and prepare, but you really can’t, beyond the basics. I remember so many things for which I have felt unprepared. I felt unprepared to leave home for college and that worked out OK. I remember buying my first house. I felt unprepared for that and it turned out to be a good investment. I felt totally unprepared to have kids. But, thanks mostly to their mom, they turned out to be great kids and now men of whom I am very proud. So, I think it might be OK to think that you are a little unprepared.

With that in mind, we have our bikes, we have our clothes and we have maps and phones. Mary Ann has me on a pill regimen, making sure I am taking the proper vitamins and supplements. I think I will be good with nutrition on the trip. I plan to eat everything that is not nailed down and that Ray hasn’t gotten to first!

I have also developed a plan for breakdowns. If something should happen to Ray in the middle of some snake-infested, desolate, hell of a place, he will stay with his bike and I will ride to the next town and get help. Should something happen to my bike, I will borrow his bike and he will stay with my bike while I ride to get help. I have not shared this disaster plan with Ray, but I am hoping he will see the wisdom in it.

I will post a tentative schedule before we leave on Saturday. I invite any of our friends to join us whenever they can. We don’t know what we are getting into. But, we never have. So it should be fun.


  1. Thanks for the invite to follow your BLOG. I wish you the best. It will be great no matter what happens. What an adventure!! No thoughts of school just a clear mind, fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature. Man am I envious.


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