Posted by: rustymccain | June 5, 2011

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Day one is done. What an awesome start. Yesterday was a long day. I struggled through the Mach Tenn Triathlon in the morning. The best thing about the race was seeing so many friends. One of the big highlights was watching Lucas doing so well. He finished 8th overall! Another highlight was seeing Michael and Wayne. They were two boys that I introduced to triathlon at Nashville Boys Club about 25 years ago. They were both there to race yesterday and when I saw them, it was really a treat. They were great young men at the Boys Club so many years ago, and haven’t changed in that regard.


After a good flight and late night arrival, we woke early this morning and after a perfect cup of Cliff”s coffee, Ray and I put our bikes together. We looked like two drunk monkeys performing an appendectomy, but I backed off a bit and let Ray work his magic and soon we looked like we were ready to ride. We packed three bikes and 6 people into the van and began our drive to San Francisco. Because we took off a day earlier than anticipated, Cliff was able to ride our first day with us and Jamie was able to hang out with Gail and Mary Ann. They formed a stellar support crew for our first day. The fact that Cliff and Jamie have been here for us in Sonoma has been priceless. Having him on our first ride made it even more special.


We soon arrived at the beach on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. We stuck our toes in the Pacific, taking advantage of the photo op, and began our trek.

Toes in the Water

We rode to the Golden Gate, then weaved our way through 78,635 people who apparently didn’t get the memo that we needed them out of the way. What a cool site though, looking at the city by the bay, knowing we only had about 3,794 miles to go! We rode down the bridge, then hit the Embarcadero, where the rest of the population of San Francisco was waiting for us to weave through them. Interestingly, we passed by the transition area of the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon that had just finished. Pretty cool. We went to the Pier, where the girls met us for lunch, then boarded a ferry for Vallejo. After an hour on the ferry and too many bad jokes about riding the ferry in San Francisco, we arrived in Vallejo. Ray and Cliff both had their Garmin GPS/Chrono/DVR/Home Theater watches on. The ferry was going 40 mph, so our average speed will be pretty high when they upload. No argument, you have to trust your Garmin. At Vallejo, we started pedaling again and rode about 20 miles of hilly, windy, but fun road.

R and R plus C!

The girls met us again with perfect timing and we are now home again, ready to enjoy a great meal. Ray and I began our “scorched earth” method of eating yesterday on the way out. Nothing is safe around us so we are looking forward to tonight. Tomorrow, we head back out to where we left off and head to Sacramento. Life is good.


  1. Go Uncle Go uncle!! You Can do it.. in the mexicon voice lol. Love you you guys take care MUAH!!

  2. This just confirms what I’ve known for years: you ARE crazy! Have fun (if that is the reason for such a trip) and get back to work safely. “We” are following this insanity intently. 🙂 vicki

  3. Congrats on Day 1! Hope you guys are enjoying the ride. We’ll look forward to following your journey.


  4. Sending you all good wishes and much love. Have you washed your feet or are you waiting until the Atlantic?H.& Q.’s, msm

  5. Cary and I had lunch with Lucas yesterday and he told of us of this incredible adventure!! We’ll be following you and send you all the best of luck!

  6. Ok rusty, this is so you! i tagged a post off lucas and have enjoyed reading your blog. looking forward to your comments on your adventurey. hang in there and remember, it is not so much the “trip” as it is the “journey”.

  7. Way to go guys … day one sounded awesome I cannot wait to hear more!

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