Posted by: rustymccain | June 5, 2011

The Start!

We made it to California!!! We have changed plans a bit and have decided to start today instead of tomorrow. That will help us avoid some traffic in San Francisco. We are already having a fabulous time and have made some memories. I am not trying to be a name-dropper, but the mayor of San Francisco, the Governor of California and several prominent Hollywood celebrities are all in the state, I am assuming for the start of the ride. I hope that doesn’t give our start too much fanfare. But, that is now our lot in life….I accept it. I will post a longer blog tonight and hopefully get a few pictures of the start and thoughts from yesterday. Here we go!!


  1. So impressed that you’re doing this. Can’t wait to read all about it. So,post the good the bad and the ugl.

    Great seeing you and Lucas and Mary Ann at Mach Tenn – hope to do it with y’all next time.

  2. Sounds like you are off to a great start….have fun, stay, safe….

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