Posted by: rustymccain | June 6, 2011

Sueeze Inn!

Today was a good day. We started with cold, gray skies. It has been that way since we arrived. We found out later that it is 97 degrees in Nashville, so we are not going to complain. But, today’s ride was done completely with temps in the 50’s. Very unusual for us. I don’t won’t to run afoul of the biking Gods by saying this….we had a tailwind the entire way today! I hope it won’t be our last.

I discovered a major conspiracy before we left. Ray bought 8 or 9 CO2 cartridges for flats yesterday. I was getting ready to ride when I discovered them in MY bag. The “I swear I thought I put them in my bag!” answer did not assuage my suspicion, so I rode all day awaiting an attack, since he knew I was carrying and extra 14-16 ounces to weigh me down.

Two Men and Three Bikes

We had the distinct pleasure of having Cliff join us for a second day. He is such a pleasure to be around. Super smart with a razor sharp sense of humor. He helped make the day fly by. We started at the town of Cordelia, where we stopped yesterday. After a short stint of traffic we were in some of the most beautiful country. We had some hills to climb, but many were covered in vineyards, which made for great scenery.

California Wine Country

We made our way up toward Sacramento, going through the college town of Davis. We went through the middle of the campus and rode by the U.S. Cycling Hall of Fame. We decided not to stop because the girls were waiting for us in Sacramento. We headed out of Davis and could see Sacramento in the distance, some 15-16 miles, so we knew the last bit of today’s ride was flat. As we got to West Sacramento, Ray had his first flat. He was right behind me when his tire blew. It sounded like a shotgun and I checked myself to see if I had been shot. When we were safely off our bikes, Cliff looked at me and said, “ I’ll have to admit, when that tire blew, I peed a little bit!”

We changed the tire and made it to Old Town Sacramento. I had to go to the restroom BADLY. It would not be Kosher to simply pull off the road in wine country. I could just imagine a wine tasting with the comment, “It has an oaky flavor, with a touch of cherry and hint of pee.” Anyway, when I got to the restroom, my foot would not click out of the pedal. I was really in bad shape, so I pedaled back to the car, not thinking to simply untie my shoe. Mary Ann untied it. I pulled my foot out, borrowed Cliff’s size 8 sandals, stuck my size 13 feet in them and hobbled off to the restroom like a seven year old at the end of recess. As it turns out, the cleat had come unscrewed and wouldn’t come off the pedal. We eventually had to take the pedal off the bike and finally got the cleat out and back on the shoe.

Cliff had seen on some Foodie television program a show about the Squeeze Inn in Sacramento. They are supposed to have about the best Cheeseburgers around, which we decided to investigate. We weren’t disappointed. Ray, Gail, Mary Ann, Cliff and I all enjoyed a great meal together. Ray and I both have stated that we plan on losing about 20 pounds on this trip. I think we have both gained a couple so far.

Say "Cheese!"

I need some rest tonight. Tomorrow should be a good ride, but the first scary ride comes on Wednesday. It should be interesting.



  1. So pleased and proud to have been a part of such an inspiring undertaking. Will look forward to my daily reports!

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