Posted by: rustymccain | June 7, 2011

Folsom Prison Blues

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! Actually, it was really all good, but today turned out to be a really tough ride. We began our trek from where we stopped yesterday, Old Town Sacramento. The first 30 miles was perfect riding. We finally got the perfect California weather that we always hear about. We rode on a bike trail that ran from Old Town along the American River all the way out to Folsom.


The trail was incredible. It was smoothly paved with a yellow center line for two-way traffic. I think I want to move to California because apparently nobody works here. They were all out biking or running today! Ray and I surmised that maybe because of the weather and ease of access to the trail, people do a lot of biking and running during their lunch break.


On the trail we even saw what looked like a Jackalope. It was the biggest rabbit I have ever seen. It looked like Bugs Bunny caught in a steroid scandal ! As soon as we hopped off the trail, we saw Gail and Mary Ann. This is their last day with us, so it was good to have lunch with them. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and ate way too much for what lay ahead.

Ray at Folsom Lake


We left Folsom and as soon as we got to the prison, we got the blues! The road turned up and the next 45 miles was pretty brutal. We were starting to hit the Sierra Nevada foothills and we started paying the price. We had planned on about a 60 mile ride today, but ended with 75. Bad math on my part. The girls had gone on ahead to the B and B at which we were to stay for our last night with them. In a cruel twist of fate, the driveway up to the B and B was ½ mile straight up. I had to look at the trees beside me to make sure I was still going forward .


The girls had stockpiled all kinds of food for us which we joyously ate as we enjoyed a spectacular view. We are really going to miss them. They leave in the morning and we will be on our own for quite some time.


View from Fitzpatrick B and B in Fair Play, CA

Tomorrow is epic. We have to cross the Sierra Nevada and will be in the saddle for as much as 10-12 hours. I need to get some rest for that. I am tired. Goodnight.


  1. Miss you guys! over 400 yet? 🙂

  2. 10-12 hrs in the saddle? Thats nothing for a Razor and and Iron Father. I love reading about this journey. Keep safe.

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