Posted by: rustymccain | June 11, 2011

The REST of the story

Today, the only climbing we did was climbing in and out of bed! We took a much-needed rest in the town of Austin. There is very little to do here, so it was a perfect place to rest. We both talked about posting a few items about lessons learned. However, we have just been having fun and since neither of us are that smart, we haven’t learned a whole lot….yet.

Looking West from Austin, NV

We have met some interesting folks on our trip and today was no exception. We met the owner of a turquoise mine nearby and had an interesting conversation with him. We have also been treated to some really good meals and great hospitality by Xanthia at the International Cafe here in Austin. We have had two dinners and breakfast there in a building built in the silver rush days of the 1800’s. The building was built as the International Hotel in Carson City that was moved, piece by piece, to Austin. The bar is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I have ever seen. I can only imagine the history in that bar. Seeing these are the kinds of things is making this trip so memorable for us.

Downtown Austin, NV

While I said we did no climbing, that is not entirely true. Ray has been climbing the walls today. Though he does speak English, the word “rest” is not in his vocabulary. On the other hand, I am a pro at resting. While I was curled up in bed with a bag of Cheetos watching cartoons, Ray walked to a castle right outside of town. It was built in the late 1800’s by a wealthy man for a summer home, mainly for his sons. They lived there for 2 months in 1867 and it has sat vacant ever since. It makes a peculiar site on the side of the mountain in such an out-of-the-way place.

Speaking of Ray, he has so many friends who want to know what he is thinking. Besides thinking, “Rusty is really slow.”, I am not sure what is on his mind. That being said, we are going to create “Ray’s Page”, so he can write some of his thoughts when the spirit moves him.

Tomorrow, 70 miles to Eureka, with nothing in between. We start out climbing from 6600 feet to 7400 feet in the first couple of miles. The rest of the route seems manageable, so we’ll see.


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