Posted by: rustymccain | June 15, 2011


Today there was a mutiny!  My legs and my butt turned on me decided to rebel. I don’t know exactly what caused it. Maybe is was the fact that Ray introduced something crazy into my diet last night. We finally stayed in a town big  enough to have a grocery store. Ray went into the store and found some exotic foods for us to try. I think they were called “fruits” and “vegetables” generally, but had specific names like “apples”, “carrots”, “broccoli” and “tomatoes”. I was a little unsure of adding new stuff in on a trip like this, but he told me I had to eat them before I had my 12th Snickers of the day. Being the trooper I am, I tried them, but I just don’t think they are going to work long-term for me if today was any indication.

We started with another perfect day today. It was sunny and a bit cool. I felt pretty good because, despite two climbs that went over 7,000 feet, the relatively low distance of 61 miles made me confident I would be o.k. However, unbeknownst to me, the mutiny had already started. The route took us gradually uphill for about 15 or so miles then sharply up for about 5 to the Conner’s Pass. I was feeling pretty good as we made that first climb. I remember taking note of a sign aimed at illegal hunting. It said something like “Report any shooting from vehicles” As I passed the sign, I noticed that it was riddled with bullet holes. Apparently, they hunt elk, bighorn sheep and signs out here.

We got to the top of Conner’s Pass and started the descent. Ray got in his aero bars and within just a couple of minutes he was already a good half mile ahead of me. He was flying down the hill. When we finally got to the bottom several miles later, that’s when the mutiny turned ugly. As I tried to catch up with him, my legs started screaming. They had to have talked to one another, because they both started rebelling at the same time. They would not work, they would not cooperate in any way. They just quit. I tried to reason with them, I tried to bribe them with another snickers bar, I even lied to them and said there was no more climbing today. They would hear none of it. They were on strike. Apparently, my butt heard all the commotion down in the lower extremities and it gave him the confidence he needed to join the fray. He started sending out pain in such a way that, combined with my legs, he must have been sure it would overcome me. If I stood to pedal my legs would scream, if I sat to spin, my butt would scream. The only thing I could think of was my old standby. I went deep into my bike bag and pulled out a snickers. Though the next climb seemed to take forever, it is probably because it did. Ray felt good today and climbed well, finishing the second climb a bit ahead of me and waited at the top. Luckily, the Snickers did the trick, the mutiny was not successful and we were able to head on in to the town of Baker.

Baker is ISOLATED! There are two hotels, one store and a national park. There is no cell service. There is no television or phone in the room, but the place we are staying is quaint and served a killer meal of pasta and salad that the owner/chef made for us. I will have to post pics of today later, as internet access here is pretty spotty.

Ray keeps getting stronger every day. I actually feel pretty good. Tomorrow is a pretty tough 83 miler with a few tough climbs and no services. I hope the ship stays on course. The mutiny has been quieted for now. I think I’ll stay away from those “fruits and vegetables” things until more research is done on them.


  1. I couldn’t agree more. “Fruits and vegetables” have always seemed a bit suspect to me…

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