Posted by: rustymccain | June 15, 2011

Two States and One Time Zone

Who would think that one of the coolest places we have stayed would be in a town in the middle of nowhere. The Silver Jack Inn, in Baker, NV was really a memorable place to stay. We had a wonderful chef-prepared meal last night and this morning had homemade oatmeal that was fantastic. Other than Great Basin National Park, I don’t know if anyone would have any reason to go to Baker, but we definitely found a diamond in the desert.

Did we make a wrong turn?

However, that find didn’t help us much today. I am still not on speaking terms with my legs and my butt. I am not sure the issue will be resolved, at least not in the next 6 ½ weeks. We started our ride and I could tell that Ray felt good. I wanted to save my energy because our hardest days are coming up in the next five days or so. So, for the first time on the trip, we rode most of the day’s ride alone. We are still traversing desert lands. There were no stores for 83 miles. While technically desert, I still think it is absolutely beautiful out here.

At least you know where you are going

As for riding, you climb a mountain, cross a long sweeping valley, then climb again. Today the early chill of the morning and the pleasantly cool temperatures of our earlier rides had left us. We started warm and the day turned hot. I didn’t realize it until I looked in the mirror after our ride, but I lost a lot of salt. My face looked liked someone had coated a pretzel in super glue and double-dipped it in the salt bowl.

The winds that have been kind to us on some days worked against us today. The ride started with about a 25 mile slow climb. Then we crossed our first pass and down into the valley. The early part of the ride was not all that bad, but then came part two. The last half of the ride included two very tough passes in the heat of the day.

We have been playing hopscotch with the four guys from Michigan that we met early on in this trip. Dave, Gary, Pete and Phil are headed to Virginia as well. Though we all ride different speeds, we all end up together at the end of the day. They are all really solid guys and it has been good to have them on the way with us. We have become a bit of a team trying to help each other where we can.

Rush Hour

Nothing outstanding happened today except that we got to ride our bikes again, passed through our second state and our first time zone. I have stuck in a couple of pictures to show you what we saw today.

All else is well, except for my shorts. I don’t see how I could have possibly done it, but I have lost not one, but two pair of shorts on this trip. And that is all I had besides my cycling shorts. We have not been in a town big enough to have store in it for the last couple of nights, so I either have to wear bike shorts or go naked in the hotel room. Obviously, I don’t want to wear bikes shorts after riding. For some reason, Ray quickly offered one pair of his shorts until we get to a larger town tomorrow. Go figure.

If I don’t have time to update the gallery tomorrow, I will have to wait until our rest day next Tuesday, but I will do it then, I promise. I hope everyone who reads this is having a GREAT day. Thanks.


  1. Hey guys if your butt keep hurting just take your saddle off and ride a few days without it… sure to fit you right up. Can you r smell the Coors brewing in the Rockies yet? Be safe and eat more veggies.

  2. From the looks of the rush hour photo maybe you can find your self a nice pair of chaps to wear in the hotel room. Perfect for after a long day in the saddle’. You can let the netherlands air out….. Oh and regarding the comment above, about smelling the Coors. I’m sure you guys smell something after 5 hours in the saddle but its probably a** burning and not a silver bullet! The blog is really enjoyable. Keep it coming and be safe!

  3. I’m have just as much fun reading this blog as you guys are on your trip. Plus, my ass doesn’t hurt and I’m not naked. I can just see you sitting down to post a new entry while in your birthday suit, snickers in hand, and Ray in the backgroupd saying “say this”. I like John’s idea of wearing chaps… and only chaps. Sounds like the beginning of a nice Happyburger party to me!

  4. We are just curious Dutch people: what does Jon mean with ” let the netherlands air out?” I hope we don’t have a bad name for something smelly in the world??????
    We are following you and good luck tommorrw in Cedar Break!
    Greetings from your Dutch cycling friends.
    Geert and Evelyn (who rode her bike on the Golden Gate bridge)

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