Posted by: rustymccain | June 16, 2011

Contentment in Cedar City

Contentment is a pretty elusive thing for most of us. It is easy to look at circumstances and lose the basis for our contentment. We stayed in a very small town last night. Only Ray had phone service. The town appeared to be dying. It was sad because there were some very beautiful buildings downtown, most of which were closed and/or boarded up. We stopped at a Subway store for a meal as it was about the only place in town at which we could eat. I spoke with the young lady who worked there and discovered she had grown up in the town. I suspected that if I asked, she would tell me she couldn’t wait to get out a town that appeared to be dying. When I asked if she liked it there, she said she loved it. I asked her what they did for fun and she said, “We make our own fun.” You could tell by her response that she was totally sincere with her answer. She was content.

Ray making fun outside of Cedar City, UT


It hammered home a lesson that I have a hard time learning. Contentment is not necessarily based upon what surrounds you. It is more based on how you view the world and how you handle what may come your way.

Our ride today was planned as a slow rest day. The ride was to be only about 54 miles with only one pass over 6,000 feet. While we generally are riding west to east, today we were riding south. And as luck would have it, we rode directly into a headwind. The forecast this morning was for sustained winds out of the south at 20-30 mph with gusts of 40. They were right. For those of you who ride, imagine riding on a flat surface, pushing as hard as you can push and riding 7 mph! That was us today. And it turned a planned “easy” day into a hard one.

Rusty making fun outside of Cedar City, UT

I would like to complain about the wind. I would like to complain about the length of the one climb, I would like to complain ONE MORE TIME about my sore butt. However, I am fulfilling a life-long dream. I have the ability to ride. I have been so fortunate to be able to do this. So why should I complain about anything?

You never know when you can teach a lesson or where you can learn one. The young lady at Subway was not aware that she was teaching me with her cheerful approach to life. Today we are in Cedar City, Utah and have completed 790 miles of our journey. We enter the hardest four days of our trip tomorrow, starting with a 15 mile climb up to over 10,000 feet. I hope we can make it. I plan to take it one day at a time. But, even if we don’t, we are making our own fun. I am content. Thanks, Subway girl, for helping me with that.


  1. You’re both an inspiration.

  2. Thanks for that great lesson. I wait anxiously for each day’s post.

  3. This is one incredible journey. Thanks for keeping us posted and hang in there guys!!!!!

  4. Hey Rusty,
    You guys are covering a lot of miles in such a short time. We are all rooting for you in Nashville! I have enjoyed reading your blogs and keeping up with the travels. Keep riding and enjoy the beautuful scenery. You are seeing a part of small town America most people never know about. It is good to know good old Subway is there when you need it.
    Take Care, Jill Baker

  5. Hi, brother. Glad things are going well. Mom is good, and so am I. Enjoy Utah.

  6. Ray looks like he’s making more fun with his big cheese than Rusty. Smile bigger buddy! Love you guys.

  7. Great Christian message in that. Paul said, I have learned to be content in every circumstance.
    Live & ride for the day. Though you face a tough wind in your face, God is always available to have your back.

  8. Hey pal. Hang in there. It has been a blast reading your entries. Mutiny is such a strong word for reality. The girl at subway has no idea what ‘old’ looks like. Having lived in Florida most of my life, you are not even middle aged if the general population in Florida is any indicator.

    Regardless of one opinion, we both know you are only as old as you feel and are only restricted from doing things in life that you tell yourself you can’t do. So far, you are easily proving you are both young and able.

    Keep your strong will and enjoy the ride. Listen carefully to the east and you should easily hear all your friends cheering you on. J.

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