Posted by: rustymccain | June 21, 2011

Livin’ the High Life in Blanding

The Road Less Travelled

Today was a welcomed rest day. We have now covered 1,154 miles in a little over two weeks. We needed a little break. And, we are in the lap of luxury here in Blanding. This is the first hotel in which we have stayed that had a continental breakfast! We have not hit the jackpot yet. That would be: continental breakfast, complimentary shampoo and conditioner, and lotion. That is our quest. One day we will find such a place. Call me a dreamer!

So far, the trip has been everything I expected and yet nothing that I expected. I am really surprised by how much open land is out here. I have been surprised by the amount of green in the desert. I have been surprised by the history. I can’t imagine people traveling through some of these areas 150 years ago on wagons. It makes you feel a bit small, but it is fascinating to see the history.

I have been pleased that we have seemed to keep those dreaded I’s (Injury and Illness) away for now. Ray is feeling pretty good. He is super tired and needed today. I have a little soreness in my knees and the old torn tendon in my foot is a little inflamed, but not bad. Other than being super tired as well, I feel pretty good.

We are still on our weight-loss plan and have both gained about 4 pounds. Going really well so far.

We have a beautiful country. We have met a lot of really nice people. There is an instant bond with people who are doing this route. We have seen West to Easters and East to Westers and in every case, there has been a “good job, keep the pedals turning” type of conversation. It’s like we are all one big team and anyone we have come in contact with seemed to be willing to join in and help us. If nothing else happens, this makes it a worthwhile trip.

The most important lesson I am learning is that you just keep on keeping on. There have been a lot of times when I start to question my sanity and wonder if I can make it. When I consider the whole trip or the whole day, I get overwhelmed. And yet, when I just say to myself, “Live in the moment, turn that crank over one more time, look at the next vista, don’t worry about the next day,” it seems all so doable. The mind is a powerful thing. It is good to test it. I don’t know about Ray, but I am immensely enjoying the test in such beautiful surroundings. I think he would say the same thing. I don’t know if we will make the Atlantic, but I think we can. My goal is to think nothing except that.

I want to say a special thanks again for all those who are following and/or commenting. Ray and I never really talked about the blog or recording our thoughts much, but since we started, the blog and your comments have inspired us. We talk about it every day. We now have over 5,000 hits on the blog. When we are down, or when we need a boost, we have thought or talked about all the people who are pulling for us to make it. And I speak for both of us when I say, “Thanks” for all your support.

I have to go for now, I have to move my legs. They have not been moved since early this morning. Tomorrow, we say good-bye to Utah and start heading to the Rocky Mountains. We’ll let you know how that goes.


  1. That road in the picture Rocks!!! (get it?). Amazing Journey and I am only wishing that I could be out there with you guys (on an electric assisted bicycle).

    Look for Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies at one of those 7-11 mirages, they will help the sore feet and the sore butt. Eat them, don’t rub them on your feet or your butt. Yes I am here to help. You guys are Super Men! Be Safe. JJ

  2. Hey boys. Just started reading your blog this evening. Thought it might help put us to sleep. On the contrary, now I’m all jacked up to go and do and see. Kids are great at providing us with sleepless nights, but apparently so are dirty old men. That came out wrong, but I’ll leave it there for comedy’s sake. Great work so far riding and writing. We’ll be keeping up day to day from now on, and we’re pulling for you. Happy trails and keep the rubber side down.

  3. Hey Rusty, can’t tell you how much I am enjoying “riding” with you and this trip. The pictures are amazing and make all of us wish we could experience that world. I have been sending the blog to many of my friends with a “look at these pics !”. …..Selfishly, the last half of the “young guns” rides here is getting pretty lonely.

  4. What an exciting trip, I am jealous to say the least! Keep safe and keep living in the moment, the rest of us will continue to live vicariously through your posts.

  5. Keep at it boys! We are all living vicariously throug you..

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