Posted by: rustymccain | June 24, 2011

All Systems Go!

We found out today it was “All Systems Go”. I will explain later. We woke up in the town of Telluride and rode on the bike path (since we are law-abiding citizens) to a store just out-of-town for our morning repast. There we enjoyed coffee, cliff bars, muffins and good conversation with the store owner and a customer who stopped in. After talking with us, the customer bought Ray and I each a banana for our ride. I did not have the heart to tell her that I was on a refined sugar-only diet. I will hold onto the banana and trade it to someone for some chocolate soon.

Peaks Near Telluride

We had our coffee inside because it was again around 40 degrees outside. When we did step outside, we were treated to the site of three young elk walking through the field nearby. Pretty cool.

Today appeared to be a little easier ride. The first 12 miles was downhill, then we had a 13 mile uphill to a little over 9,000 feet, then a slow decline into Montrose, a distance of about 65 miles.

For those of you who are in arrears on my physical condition, I forgot to mention that I went to a doctor in Telluride and apparently I have “Three Major Networks” disease. I found that I have CBS (Chronic Buttitis Syndrome), I am in major need of ABC (Anti-Buttitis Cream), but it appears there is NBC (No Buttitis Cure). Regardless, we will carry on and hopefully I will toughen up a bit.

View From Dallas Divide, CO

As advertised, our first 12 miles after getting back to our route 3 miles out of Telluride was a screaming downhill. It was so cold that we lost feeling in our toes and fingers again. However, at the bottom of the downhill, the loss of elevation and the sun took away the cold in the first mile of our climb up to Dallas Divide. We got into a rhythm and had a good climb. We passed several people who are in a touring group. They are from all over the world and the tour company had written comments to them on the road, much like the Tour de France. It was fun to see that. We also saw Phil, Pete and David again. They seem to be doing well.

We climbed to the top of Dallas Divide and took in some incredible views! It never gets old to go over the crest of a rise and see more beauty. We took a break to get a snack, then headed to Ridgeway. The last 9 miles was another screamer from the divide to town. I was again losing complete control of my senses, weeping when nobody could hear. Ray, on the other hand was loving it. I was going 46 mph, the smoke from my brakes was enough to merit an EPA warning and Ray continued to get smaller and smaller in the distance. I think he did finally brake because the speed limit was 50 mph and he was well over that.

We stopped in Ridgeway, then started the last 28 mile stretch into Montrose. This is where we found “All Systems Go”. We had thought that by spending so much time on the bike, that certain parts of our body would never work again. Ray spotted a guy on one hill about a half mile ahead of us. He said, “That guy up there is pointing back at you and laughing.” Of course he was not, but at that point, we realized that we were still producing testosterone! We gave chase, panniers, dead legs and all. We caught him within the next couple of miles. He then stayed with us and the rest of the ride ended up being something we shouldn’t be doing. Two guys, loaded to the hilt, doing a pace line with a guy on a road bike for about 20 miles. We will pay tomorrow. But today it was fun! It is good to know that old dogs can at least still bark.

View from Ridgeway, CO

The girls will be here tonight and we are really excited about that. The next few days should be even more fun than we have been having, if that is possible!  Thanks for checking in.


  1. I’ve been reading your post and it looks like you and Ray are having a blast. With regards to the sore butt, I think Jonathon would be the best one to answer that. The photo’s you’re posting are amazing and the stories behind them make them even more enjoyable. Keep moving on and be careful. Don’t pull any muscles tonight!!

  2. Rust’kie, you should give to buttitis a break and change bikes to one of those sit down rigs, they call the recucumbers or something:-) Be careful on the sprint finishes though… I was just wondering how long you and Ray’s morning coffee stays warm in a water bottle when its 40 degrees out?

    You guys rock- keep the daily BIG ADVENTURE news coming. Yall be safe.

  3. LOL!!! Totally enjoyed the read. You made JR and I have a great belly laugh. Stay in good health and enjoy the adventure.
    Lucinda & JR

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