Posted by: rustymccain | June 26, 2011

Rest Day – Ten Things I Have Learned

We had a wonderful rest day in Gunnison, CO today. We hit the jackpot with our accommodations at the Super 8 hotel in Gunnison. Not only were the accommodations the best we have encountered so far, the people were super friendly and helpful. It is a perfect location for visiting the really cool downtown of Gunnison or a good base for traveling up the road for a ½ hour to visit the equally cool Crested Butte. If you ever head this way, you can’t go wrong staying here.

Rest Day Activity in Gunnison, CO

We traveled up to Crested Butte today for a perfect afternoon outing. We have some dear friends, Johnny and Emily, who live there, but as luck would have it, they were on a trip to Nashville for the weekend. We still drove out to show Ray and Gail their home, which, in my opinion should be eligible for architectural digest for both design and location.

Visiting Johnny and Emily without them there

Back in the village, they were having a street fair and we decided that we won the award for being the least hip people there. I was able to get a 20 minute massage on the street…..10 minutes on each leg. It was good day.

Someone asked me about things I would do differently or things I would change about this trip. I can’t say that I would change a whole lot. However, there are 10 life lessons I think I have had re-enforced. While they all relate to cycling or this trip. I think they can be related to life in general. I do not suggest that they are lessons for everyone, but if they re-enforce something you are learning, maybe they will be meaningful.


  1. Take one step at a time. You can climb big mountains if you get in a rhythm you can sustain and just keep pedaling.
  2. The huge majority of people are good. Don’t let the tiny minority of people who are not, sour your ride.
  3. Generally speaking, it is much for interesting to not know what is around the next bend.
  4. It is important to surround yourself with people who are supportive of you.
  5. You don’t have to ride the Tour de France to ride the Tour de France. You can make your own Tour de France.
  6. Rest….doing nothing at all….is sometimes very important.
  7. The one thing you need to plan for is that things will not go as planned.
  8. Being positive is a habit, not a circumstance. Positivity can be learned and practiced.
  9. Van Gogh cannot match God.
  10. Sometimes you only learn nine things. It is OK not to have ten.


Tomorrow is a big day. The ride is relatively short at about 60 miles, but includes the highest point of our trip, Monarch Pass, at around 11,300. If you have any spare luck lying around, please send it our way tomorrow!


  1. Good luck tomorrow. I’m sending all my luck your way. Climb that mountain guys!

  2. Go get ‘Em Boys! Rusty, observation #10 was my favorite…

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