Posted by: rustymccain | June 28, 2011


Headin out of Poncha Springs

I am really glad that today was was a relatively short ride. As I write this, we are sitting in Westcliff, CO. We are still above 7,000 feet. I can see the peaks of 5, 14,000 foot peaks from our room. It is really a pretty sight to see. However, the reason I am glad we had a short day, other than simply responding to the requests of my legs and my butt, is that the wind is howling. This matches the 20-30 mph winds with 45 mph gusts that we experienced in Utah. I am glad we are not fighting that right now.

Since Mary Ann and Gail are still with us, we are riding a little shorter distances. We rode a little over 50 miles today, and have about 50 tomorrow. Then the girls leave and we crank it up with two consecutive 100+ milers in a row.

Today’s ride started in Poncha Springs. The first 5 miles took about 2 pedal stokes as we coasted into the town of Salida. Salida is a really cool little town with a lot of historic buildings downtown. As you stand just about anywhere in the town, you have a nearly 360 degree view of mountain peaks, many over 12,000 feet. Riding through town was a real treat.

Arkansas River, CO

We were still descending Monarch, so the next 25 miles, though rolling, was virtually downhill. We took it easy and enjoyed multiple views of the Arkansas River, the same river that cuts through the Royal Gorge. It was just more of the beautiful scenery to which we have become accustomed. At the town of Cotopaxi, we turned on a small country road and headed uphill. The climb was gentle for the most part and was only about 8 miles long, and the tranquil countryside and very low traffic made the conversation easy and the ride just about perfect.

Ranch near Cotopaxi, CO

We then turned back onto a bigger highway and headed on to Westcliff, our destination of the day. Much of the rest of the ride was much like middle Tennessee with smallish rolling hills. We rolled into Westcliff ahead of schedule and decided to take the drive to see the Royal Gorge. We had a fun trip to the Gorge, looked at it and left. It would have cost $100 for us to walk across it or drive across it. Those of you who know how cheap I am know that we opted for the free gorge overlook.

Near Westcliff, CO

Tomorrow should be really good day. Lucas and Whitney are planning to come down to see us. Rachel and J.P. are supposed to be coming down as well. After tomorrow, the girls go home, we are on our own again and the distances get a little longer. We hope to be getting close to KY in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of friends that weekend. Still hanging in there!


  1. yeah! see you soon!

  2. Have fun with Lucas. Tell him hello for me. Leaving for Louisiana on Saturday.

  3. Not much time left in CO… did you hit your goal yet? I haven’t seen any trash talk. Have fun with Lucas and everyone else… wish I could meet up sooner.

  4. Whoo hoo – keep hanging in there! You are freaking amazing! Love all the mountain pics. Hope to live there soon.

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