Posted by: rustymccain | June 29, 2011

Rocky Mountain Bye!

The Rocky Mountains are now in our rear view mirror! We left Westcliff this morning and in what has become a morning routine, started climbing. We had a continental breakfast at which I had two waffles. It is hard to believe that I gained ten pounds from two waffles, but that is what happened. I was dragging early and just found it hard to get a breath. Then Ray let me know that we were at 8,000 feet and climbing. I felt a little better about my breathing sounding like a 1957 Hoover vacuum cleaner.

No, Rusty, we are not going to walk to Pueblo

We kept climbing until we reached about 13 miles and a little over 9,000 feet. Then, at mile 14, I told Ray that we ought to hit it pretty hard for one hour and just see what we could do. So we hit it for exactly one hour. At that point, we were at mile 42. So, if my math is right, we did 28 miles in that hour. Not bad for legs with over 1500 miles in them over the last few weeks. I don’t think that the tailwind or the 3000 foot drop in elevation had anything to do with our speed. I just think it was the four pistons we brought out here with us!

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. Westcliff, CO

At one point, we crested a rise and then could see forever. I really wondered if I could see the Batman building in downtown Nashville if it were night. What a view we had. That was when I realized that the Rockies were truly behind us. Despite the climbing, I am a bit sad to leave this area because it is so breathtakingly beautiful.

We cruised on in around Pueblo Lake and into Pueblo and did an easy ride through town. They have a really pretty city park through which our route took us. Although the temp was on the way up to a high of 104 here, we were able to complete our 58 mile route before it got too hot.

When we arrived, I changed out both tires and tubes on my bike and cleaned my drivetrain. The tires Scott got for me at Trace Bikes were superb and probably could have gone on some more, but I don’t know when I will see my next bike shop, so I thought it best to make a change. There is a Riverwalk here in Pueblo, so we went there for some food and nutritional supplements (the generic term for that is Ice Cream, but we like to call it nutritional supplementation).

Family Night!

J.P., Rachel, Leah and not quite here yet Sydney visited us tonight. We had such a great time. I felt really honored that they made the trip to see us. It made for a special night. Lucas and Whitney came to visit as well and we had a big pizza dinner. That made it an even more special night. Whitney brought me some chocolate…Yeah!! Lucas and Clint both have been so supportive, it has inspired me to keep getting on the bike. I am indeed a fortunate father. Tomorrow, we lose Mary Ann and Gail, which is a big loss for us for a variety of reasons. But we will push on. We have about 114 miles to ride and spend our last full day in Colorado, so it will be another long day in the saddle.

I hope anyone who is reading this has a GREAT day!


  1. Your trip is inspirational! I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures and look forward to following your journey. Thank you for staying with us while you were in Pueblo. I hope your stay was restful and enjoyable. Good luck and safe travels!
    Front Desk Agent, Cambria Suites

  2. Rusty,

    I’m enjoying following you each day! You guys are making all of us Ironmen back home look weak compared to what you and Ray are doing! Very inspirational!

    Kelly McCreight

  3. Rust’kie and Ray, I continue to look forward to my daily update to your Big Adventure, its better than following the TDF. Keep the inspiration coming and BE SAFE. Remember the journey itself can be the destination. Maybe see you all in Kentucky…
    Ray’s triathlon rule #3 “put it in a big gear and push hard.”

  4. Please post more pictures of that guy in the center on the back row. Lots of them. Thank you.

  5. Hey R&R,
    It was our sincere pleasure hosting you and your family in Pueblo. Your blog is awesome and your pics are beautiful! We wish you the very best and safe travels in your future. We also wish your wives a safe drive home! It is a true labor of love – your trip!
    My best regards,
    Deanna S. – Cambria Pueblo

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