Posted by: rustymccain | July 1, 2011

I Love V8!

There has to be something illegal in V8 juice. I really wondered last night if I could even get out of bed today. Ray played the good Samaritan last night and went to the market next door to get us some V8. We both poured about a pound of salt in the bottle and drank it down. I just knew I would wake up Ray with a blood-curdling scream in the middle of the night due to a hamstring cramp. Good news, we both slept well and that didn’t happen.

Eastern Colorado Sunrise

We decided today to get an earlier start due to the fact that both the heat and the wind seem to get unbearable in the afternoon. We hit the road at 5:30 local time. The wind was already blowing a bit in our face, but was not bad. The morning was cool. The land has become almost totally flat so there are not a lot of photo ops, but we were able to witness a beautiful sunrise.

Despite my fears, my legs seemed to be OK in the early going. Ray has always had a tremendous ability to recover from hard efforts and he seemed to be on good form this morning. Of course both of us are still having butt issues, but you have heard way to much about that already.

Our daily view in Eastern Colorado

We stopped for a breakfast at Sheridan Lake about 23 miles into our ride. The stop for breakfast was just what the doctor ordered for me. I was feeling much better than I thought I could, based on where I found myself last night. The wind stayed relatively calm and so the next 30 miles was not bad. Ray was ready for a little break, so he layed the hammer down a bit, so the stop for lunch in the little town of Tribune was a welcomed stop. After lunch we headed out for our next stop some 22 miles up the road at Leoti.

We continue to be amazed at how strong the wind can be and what a difference it makes. For most of the day, it was pretty calm. It was not quite as hot today as it was yesterday either. And, after we left Leoti, the wind shifted a little bit and we actually enjoyed a bit of a tailwind. The best thing about today’s ride, though, was the people we met. Every place we stopped, the people were super friendly. They were very interested in our trip and all shared all kinds of information about their towns, the countryside in which we rode, the weather and whatever else we asked.

The boys at the Kansas Border

We came into the town of Scott City, KS, a new state and a new time zone. We were right at 104 miles, our second century day in a row. We had a tough day yesterday. But, we never thought of any other option except to keep turning the pedals over until we reached our goal. We are now just about in the middle of this great country and are at 1800 miles. We are stoked. It is amazing what the mind can do…. especially when a little V8 is added to the mix. I love V8!


  1. Go for it every day and pedal dammit. It is written on the top tube of one of my bikes. Think of that when you are out there. You are doing great. Hope the wind is at your back a lot. Sending good vibes your way. Sorry the girls had to leave. I know you are, as well.

    Ever thought of doing a double on a shorter day in case you have a bad weather day or two. Just askin. 🙂

  2. Sunrises and butt issues… sounds like fun to me.

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