Posted by: rustymccain | July 5, 2011

Eureka! Again!

Where else but on a bicycle would you be able to really enjoy the Prairie Chicken Capital of the World?

Can't find this just anywhere

We started in Newton, KS this morning. We had 73 mile day planned with the first stop being in Cassoday, KS. However, our first stop was about 4 miles out. Ray’s wheel was out of true and rubbing his brake. He can do just about everything to a bike that needs to be done. So I used my expertise to be a bike stand, at which I am very good. While I held the bike, Ray found the loose spoke and trued the wheel using the brake pad as a measure. Call him Ray MacGyver. We took off again into another cloudless day.

Before long, we ran into Becky and Carlie, two of our new friends that we first met back in Utah. They were taking a quick break as we caught them. They were their usual high energy, positive selves. They have a friend, Cassie riding with them for a week or so. Of course, Cassie now has no choice but to be a friend of ours.

We rode on and at about mile 38 rode into Cassoday. There we ran into a couple of folks whom we saw yesterday on the road, but didn’t get a chance to introduce ourselves. We made two new friends with Julie and Clayton. They have been on the road for a long time, starting near Portland, OR. Hats off to them! While we were talking with them, the girls rolled into the store (the only open store in Cassoday), so we took advantage of the photo-op.

New Friends with Ray in the Window

We took off from the store towards our destination and Ray, Clayton and I rode together for a while. As we rode we all talked about how the terrain had changed quite dramatically in the past couple of days. There are now some pretty good rolling hills, lots of trees, and every now and then another huge flat area of corn or wheat.

Clayton stopped at a store in the village of Rosalie, so Ray and I motored on in to our second Eureka moment. We had been in Eureka before on this trip. However, last time, it was Eureka, NV.

Another Pretty Kansas Morning

It was a good day today. The winds have slowed down a bit for us. The weather is still really hot, with afternoon temperatures nearing the 100 degree mark again. And the humidity is coming in, so it is a bit more uncomfortable. But about 98% of the drivers are really courteous. It seems everyone we run into is very friendly and the riding is just fun.

We have a couple more shorter days of around 60-70 miles built-in before our next century, then a rest day.

I can’t say this enough, because Ray and I talk about it every day. Every email, phone call, text or comment on the blog is very much appreciated. Probably savored is a better word. While the riding continues to be fun, the really inspiring part for us is that we have good friends who are interested in helping us finish this. We both thank all of you for that!


  1. How do we find out where to.see you ….at what locationto.see you in the Mammouth Cave area?

  2. Go Rusty and Ray! We’ve been thinking about you!

  3. Hey Over 50 Brother !
    I was afraid to read today, because you made me cry yesterday; and you made me call my Momma ! Love “riding” with you on this ride. It’s like opening a present everyday. Keep going strong, we’re pulling for you two.!

  4. Ray is a pretty handy guy to have around. I am sure he has trued many a wheel with his MacGyver tactics on his numerous rides. You two keep having a blast. And, just so you know, I have ridden my bike five times now since Melonie and I saw you in Montrose and Gunnison. It was not far, but I was on the bike for the first time in a very long time.

  5. You guys make me want to go out and ride every time I read your post! Only you and Ray could be out in the middle of nowhere and make so many new friends along the way. I love it! I can’t wait to hear about today’s ride.

  6. So glad you are enjoying Kansas! I always thought it was a beautiful state, even if everyone said it was too flat. It’s just beautiful in a different way from Tennessee! If you will be anywhere near Kansas City, Katie would love to meet up with you. Enjoying your blogs so much! – Sarah

  7. Go Razor and IronFather. Everytime I read your blog post, i get more pissed off…. pissed that I can’t be there with you. Well, that’s assuming I could even ride day after day after day after day after day with you… which I know I couldn’t. You said you were gonna kick my butt when you get back. Well, I think you already have. Keep it up. Miss ya both.

  8. Rusty, you and Ray are so inspirational. I marvel at the distance you’ve covered everytime you report in. And, your blog is my treat to myself each evening it shows up in my inbox. What will I do once you reach your destination, as I know you will??!! I’m glad you’re seeing the beautiful in the Midwest – my growing up home. Stay strong and travel safely!

  9. Rock on guys…enjoy reading your journal, quite the inspiration!!

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