Posted by: rustymccain | July 15, 2011

Our Favorite View!!

We saw our favorite sight of the trip today! That was the sight of friends and family at the end of the day. We had a relatively easy ride today. While the distance was 72 miles, the road was filled with rolling hills. Not the kind of killer hills from the Ozarks. Just gently rolling hills that made for a beautiful ride. And again, the temperatures were normal for summer, but not the unbearable temps that we have recently endured. And the wind, while still a headwind, was not that bad.

Our favorite view so far

We rode from Morganfield, KY and headed to our rendezvous with friends in Beaver Dam. Because of the benign conditions, we made pretty good time for the first few hours. The road surface was good and traffic was light, so before we knew it we were at mile 48 and took a stop for rest.

Not long after our stop, our friend Pete showed up. He had all kinds of drinks and food in his vehicle for us. He also volunteered to take our bags for us so we could finish the ride into Beaver Dam with a little less weight.

Friday morning with Ray in Kentucky

We continued moving forward and got within 10 miles or so of our finish when David, Jonathan and Eric showed up. We were really excited to see them. Jonathan and Eric rode the rest of the ride with us. We rode together for a while and then Eric got to the front and moved the pace up to that of one of our group rides. It was too much for my tired legs, but thankfully that pace only lasted for 4 miles until the ride was done.

We motored on to Tommy and Karen’s house and then the party started. Mary Ann, Gail, JJ, Walter, Kiki, Martin and Jeffrey showed up and we all had a big time. Carlie and Becky also rode in, so they got to meet everyone. It has really been a great night and something Ray and I have looked forward to for a long time. We are really appreciative that Karen and Tommy have opened their home up to us. It has really been a special time and they went to a ton of trouble for us. It made for a very special memory. Thanks to you two!!

I also want to send our a special hello to Phil, Pete and Dave. Phil has just posted an insightful comment on the blog. Those guys have become like family to Ray and I. We have shared many of the same joys and challenges of this trip and we think and talk about these first-rate guys every day.  If you guys see this post…keep plugging away! You are awesome. Hopefully, we will hook up with you soon!

Tomorrow we are all going to ride to Cave City, KY. It is a ride of about 60 miles. If our calculations are correct, we will move to the “less than 1,000 miles to go” point at some time during our ride.  Getting closer!!!


  1. Woohoo. Keep pounding out those miles Rusty and Ray. Great photos Rusty.

  2. We were so glad that we could help in some small way. It is the least we could do to help with your journey. Tommy and I really enjoyed having everyone here. Have fun and safe travels!

    • Without friends and family you got nothing!

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