Posted by: rustymccain | July 16, 2011

Cave City Cruisin’

After a night of celebrating with friends and family and eating WAY too much good food for dinner at Tommy and Karen’s house, we woke this morning to make amends. So we ate way too much good food for breakfast! We actually also broke another trip tradition by staying up past 7:00 so we could watch the Tour de France. Unbelievable to us, we have had only one motel that offers the Versus channel, so watching the tour with everyone was a treat.

At the starting line

It was an exciting morning with everyone gathering for the ride. Mary Ann, David, Martin, Jeff, John, Jonathan, Eric, Ray and I all were going to ride the 62 miles to Cave City, KY. Gail, Pete and Kiki followed in support vehicles so we felt like we were riding in the tour. Carlie and Becky offered to take vehicles on to Cave City for us today.

After getting everyone gathered, off the peloton went and we headed through downtown Beaver Dam into a cloudy morning. The temperature was good, the cloud cover made sure it wasn’t going to get too hot and the winds, while still in our face, (naturally) were negligible.

We all rode together for most of the first 16 miles or so, a little before our first stop. At this point, I could literally feel the testosterone starting to pop out all over the road, so I knew it wouldn’t last long. At the rest break, I decided to start out a little early and just ride a reasonable pace. Sure enough, the boys came by soon and I knew the hammerfest was on. The group split up as most of the guys stayed together. However, I was happy to ride with whoever dropped by and enjoy some beautiful countryside. There were some points when we rode on a ridge and it looked as if you could see for 20 miles. While the view may not have been that distant, it was unusual for this part of the country to be able to see so far.

The Peloton in Kentucky

At the next rest stop, we did the same thing. We stopped, got some snacks from our support vehicles and Mary Ann and I took off again, soon joined by guys as they rode by. When Ray came by, he mentioned something about my evil plan to ride easy today while he rode hard, so I could be rested for tomorrow’s ride with the group. He was only half right. I am going to ride easy tomorrow also and encourage all the guys to go as hard as they can. That way, when everyone leaves and Ray and I head out on our own for eastern Kentucky on Monday, I can stay with Ray. He seems to be getting in better and better shape every day. So I will definitely be encouraging everyone to race to Bardstown tomorrow!

The last section of the today’s ride took us right by Mammoth Cave National Park. The only real excitement of the day came when David went to the front and started hammering….in the wrong direction. Pete had to chase him down and get him back on course. Kids….what can you do? The road was awesome and the shade was nice. It made for a perfect ending to a perfect riding day. When we got to the hotel, Gail had made us a spread of great food and the party was on again.

Fans going wild!

A special treat for me was that Clint and Amanda drove up to see us. It was so good to see them and spend some time with Brayden. I have to admit, I probably fed him a little too much candy. Not fair, since Clint and Amanda have to now deal with a sugar high for a few hours.

Tonight, we are going to eat Mexican food. A great ending to a great day in the saddle. We are now officially under 1,000 miles to go before we hit the Atlantic. Every day has been an adventure. Every day has been fun. Every day has been a challenge. Every day has been a gift. I think tomorrow is going to be a good day!


  1. Kentucky is a beautiful state. Won many championships at the horse park there in the 90’s. There is a dinner train that starts in Bardstown, home of the Heaven Hill Distillery, and runs past other famous historic sights. A number of famous distilleries are located in Kentucky, including Old Fitzgerald, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, located in a Kentucky and National Historic Landmark. A short nip from any of these might ease the pain in those Jello Legs. Your blogs and photos are a gift to me . God bless all your families and friends. Now back to Versus.

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