Posted by: rustymccain | July 17, 2011

Pass the Bourbon, Please!

I have said on several occasions that every day is a gift. Today was a fun one! We all had a great time last night recounting the days activities. Walter, who served as one of our support vehicles but also “photographer extraordinaire”, came by our room and showed his photographs of the ride to everyone. They were spectacular and everyone enjoyed them.

I have to say that I am still mad at Ray. He showed his pictures to everyone Friday night and conveniently “forgot” that he had taken one photo of me, slumped in a chair with my feet on an ottoman shortly after our 118 mile ride. The only thing I had the energy to do before the picture was to take my clothes off…. all of them. Thankfully for everyone, my hands were placed in such a way to keep it a bad situation and not a disaster! I think everyone enjoyed my embarrassment at that photograph.

Morning Ride in Rural Kentucky

After Walter’s photo show, we all hit the rack so we could get ready for today’s ride. IronSon Jonathan, JJ, Eric, and David stayed to ride the 63 miles from Cave City to Bardstown, KY. Gail, Kiki, Mary Ann and Pete also stayed to support us. It sure makes a lot of difference when you know you can stop a vehicle any time to get a drink or something to eat! We might just end up gaining pounds in the double digits on our weight loss program now! Tomorrow we will have to adjust again to carrying our own bags and making sure we have enough nutrition to get us to the next stop. That makes us cry when nobody is looking.

This morning, after a nice continental breakfast, we all got ready to ride. I had told all the friends gathered that our normal routine is that we wake up at 6:00. Ray is normally dressed and ready to go and has straddled his bike, staring at me at 6:05. I usually roll out of bed about that time and eventually get ready to roll out at our default 7:30 time, usually after 3 cups of coffee, packing and re-packing a few times, then checking the room 5 more times to make sure we have everything. Remember, this from the guy who lost all his shorts in the first two weeks of this trip. Today, there was a lot of activity that changed the routine so I thought I would turn the tables. I was the first one ready to ride, so I went over to a shady spot and straddled my bike and just stared at Ray’s room. He got a big kick out of that when he came out and everyone else had a good laugh.

We took off through the town of Cave City then almost immediately were in the country. The rolling countryside here is similar to Tennessee. Sometimes, it is easy to take it for granted when you see it all the time. However, when you take time to really look at it, which a bicycle allows you to do, you tend to “re-appreciate” the beauty that can be right out your back door.

The testosterone was not completely drained yesterday, so there had to be a little let out today. However, the weather was really nice, the hills were not that bad and we actually had a little tailwind today so I was able to hold on and stay with the boys. One of the fun parts of the ride was when “Captain One-Speed”, Eric went out on a really good effort. He got a gap on the group. Pete, who was driving behind us, pulled up ahead of us and Jonathan and David took the hint and motor-paced  up to Eric. I didn’t see his face, but I wish I did when all of a sudden he saw those two guys right beside him!

At Abe Lincoln's Boyhood Home

We were also able to make a stop at the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln. On a serious note, it is amazing to stand on the same ground that one of our great Presidents ran around on as a boy so long ago. This visit stirred a lot of thoughts and conversation. We marveled at how his life took its course from a country farmstead in what must have been wilderness all the way to the White House. And to think that we live in a place where someone could come from such humble beginnings and grow to be one of the most important leaders in world history is quite a tribute to our country.

Heading into Bourbon Country

For most of the ride, the guys held back and stayed in touch with Ray and I, making it an enjoyable, social ride. We still made good time and arrived in Bardstown before noon. Pete cut up some watermelon he had put on ice and Gail brought out snacks, so we had another party when we arrived at the finish line!

It was an absolutely great day. However, everyone had to go home. We will miss them all. But if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, in less than two weeks, Mary Ann and Gail will be with us again as we dip our wheels in the Atlantic Ocean. We are still healthy and spirits are high. We are almost at 3,000 miles. Wish us luck as we head into the tough hills of eastern Kentucky tomorrow!



  1. Glad you got a little mental and physical support from family/friends for a couple of days. You guys are doing such a great job, reminding us what’s important, taking each day and making the most of it. I know the next 2 weeks will fly and I’m looking forward to seeing a picture of you two dipping your front wheel in the Atlantic! Ride strong!

  2. As you look back, does it seem you’ve been out there for 6 weeks? Keep it going.

    The answer to that is probably no because time goes by so fast.

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