Posted by: rustymccain | July 28, 2011

The Day After

Today was a day of withdrawal.

Due to traffic problems, Mary Ann and Gail did not arrive until well after midnight last night. It is really good to have them here. We would never have done this without their total support. Their support has been nothing short of spectacular and it is good for them to be here at the finish. Ray and I both stayed up for them, some 6 hours past what has been our regular bedtime. Even with that change, I went to breakfast at a little after 6:00 and sure enough, Ray and Gail walked in to greet me. While we need a big rest, it felt a little weird today for us not to ride.

In the Brine

We were going to drive over to Virginia Beach for a photo-op, but since the official end of the TransAmerica is the harbor at Yorktown, we decided to go back down the waterfront at Yorktown to dip our toes into the water there. Our reasons were two-fold. One, as mentioned, was that this is the official ending spot. The other, however, was that Carlie and Becky, our two young co-adventurers we met on the side of a mountain in Utah, were going to be cruising into the finish line this morning. These two have become a big part of our trip as we have shared a lot of the triumphs and tribulations with them. They have really been disciplined and tough. Their enthusiasm has helped us make it to the finish line ourselves. And, my guess is that they will be a part of our extended family for years to come. They are the best!

So, we all took a really interesting tour of old Yorktown and waited for the girls to arrive. When they did, the first thing they did was run to the beach and jump into the water. Carlie said, because it was salt water, it was like jumping into a sweatbath, but no matter, it is a sweet finish to an amazing adventure. We were all really proud of them.

Becky, Rusty, Carlie, Ray

The only thing missing for us was Phil, Dave, Pete and Gary, whom we first met as we headed up to Carson Pass on the first few days of our trip. As I have stated before, there is a certain connection that you get with someone when you are on a quest like this. I cannot speak for them and they may disavow any knowledge of us. However, I can speak for Ray and I. We have a tremendous amount of respect for them, not just for what they have done, but for the kind of people they are. We are headed home now, but the only regret I have is not being able to hug those guys when they get to Yorktown. I hope that our paths will cross again. My life is better, having met them and spent time with them.

I have a lot to process. I will probably make another post or two. There are a lot of people I would like to thank and a lot of thoughts about this experience. I will try to get those together. Some people have mentioned a book. I don’t know if that will ever happen. But, in the book of my life, every person who has encouraged us on this journey has their own special page. And for that, I cannot thank you enough. If you have made comments, emailed or in any other way helped us, I will get in touch with you, I promise.

My Finishing Prize!

And just so you know, we do have another adventure up our sleeve. We ain’t dead yet! Keep in touch….


  1. Where one quest ends, another begins. It is never the end until it’s the end. Life is not meant to be spent wondering, what if? Thanks for reminding us. Now, have a safe trip home. Still think riding your bikes back to Nashville is a good idea. Yeah right. πŸ™‚

  2. Bravo, Rusty!! Thanks for sharing your adventure – it’s been a pleasure to enjoy every post. Now that you’ve teased us with another adventure, I look forward to reading where the road takes you next. Best wishes and safe travels!

  3. Guys: it has been the best entertainment for the last month to read your posts! Better than anything on TV, and I actually got excited to catch up on your progress nightly. I’m inspired to do the same ride someday soon, maybe next year. Wanna do it backwards???

  4. Yes, I can see you and Ray walking across the country with walkers at 90. If anyone ever does that, it will be you two. πŸ™‚

    Loved the picture of you and Mary Ann! See you soon.

  5. I am having withdrawals from your journey also. You have made this so enjoyable for so many people. We are very proud of you for this accomplishment and feel blessed to have been able to share it with you through your pictures and stories.

  6. Well Done Young Lads…..I will have to admit, I read this last post with selfish sadness…..glad you are coming home healthy, but will miss the daily journey.

  7. Congratulations Rusty & Ray! What a fabulous achievement and thank you for allowing me to “tag along” by following your incredible daily updates. You are so insightful and I looked forward to reading your blog each day.
    You did it!!!!

  8. Rusty and Ray,
    Thanks for the kind words. We have thought of you and read your blog every day to find out how far you were. You were clearly on a mission especially doing those 100 mile days. We are in Charlottesville and kind of taking our time. Our average mileage per day is 72. Yours must be in the 80s.

    We too are better people for having shared this experience. I have a special admiration for the way you meet people. I am especially thankful for the shower you lent us in Baker UT.

    But how did Carley and Becky get there before we did? They rock!

    We’ll be there in perhaps three more days.

    Many blessings as you reflect on the experience and revel in the knowledge that you really did.

    Phil, Dave and Pete (and Gary too)

  9. Rusty and Ray,
    Want to give you a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on a terrific ride, adding to Phil’s comments on our behalf (found above). It was so much fun to follow your daily accounts, just as it was such a rewarding experience to become your friends. You have made my world a better place, and I know you have done that for many others, in greeting them as friends, and offering aid when needed. You had a great perspective on this trip. May you be blessed in future endeavors. And yes, let’s hope we cross paths, trails, and roads again! gary

  10. Will really miss your daily travels and photos. Take a long rest, hug your wives and let us know if any other trips are forthcoming. Goodbye for now, Rita

  11. Congratulations on your accomplishment. Very impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style and your sense of adventure. Hopefully ride with you guys sometime this summer and hear more about it.

  12. Ray and Rusty-
    I dont know you guys, I think I have met Ray, I found out about this blog through my Mom, Carol Swann. I have been following your ride everyday! I just really felt compelled to write to you both and just tell you what an inspiration you are! You both really brought the saying to the forefront of my mind “if you dream it you can do it!” Thank you so very much for the impact in my life and congratulations on the ride!

  13. Congrats to the both of you!!! Your detail post just saved me from riding 3k miles across America. Thanks for sharing your experience with us all. Looking forward to riding with the both of you when you get back.

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