Early Season Training on the Natchez Trace

Toes in the Water

At the Golden Gate Bridge

Old Navy Ships Near Vallejo, CA

R and R plus C!

Two Men and Three Bikes

California Wine Country

Miles of Walnut Groves and Olive Trees

Say "Cheese!"

American River Bike Trail - Sacramento, CA

Ray at Folsom Lake

View from Fitzpatrick B and B in Fair Play, CA

Area around Carson Pass

Cook's Station on the climb to Carson Pass

Lunch in Kirkwood, CA

Finished Replacing Electrolytes

Taking Carson Pass - Photo by Kristina

Deer in Downtown Genoa, NV

A look back at Carson City and the Sierras

Nutrition Experts

Sand Mountain

Middlegate Station, NV

Heading to the desert from Fallon, NV

New Friends Evelyn and Geert

Did we make a wrong turn?

At least you know where you are going

Rush Hour

Ray making fun outside of Cedar City, UT

Rusty making fun outside of Cedar City, UT

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

Ray and Gene

Near Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

Near Bryce Canyon, Utah

The Boys Near Bryce Canyon

Canyon Riding Near Boulder, Utah

Happy in the Canyon near Lake Powell

Colorado River near Lake Powell

Near Blanding, Utah


  1. Wow! You guys are tough….. hang in there.. beautiful and breath taking pictures

  2. Great photographs. Just be careful with those “electrolytes” at the bar!

  3. Boy do I envy you guys !!
    Good luck and Godspeed.

  4. Way to go guys! Very inspiring. I had the pleasure of riding motorcycles through southern Utah last year, very pretty. Keep up the good work, now this is added to my bucket list. Lots of us mere mortals know what it is like to see Rustys rear tire, especially on shop rides. Happy Fathers day.

  5. I am really impressed at the level of craziness you guys are displaying. The photos are really stunning. I can’t imagine riding a bike for 1300 miles and beyond. Looks like you might want to invest in a snowsuit. I worked out for 50 minutes on the treadmill today. At this rate I should be ready to join you, say on the 12th(of never). Sounds and looks like you are having a great time despite the extreme highs and lows of the trek. I have been and will be thinking about you guys until the end of it. Be safe guys.

  6. Hey Guys I am home from Italia now and will keep up with you. Sounds like you are having a ball? I am proud of you.

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